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Jarred Castel’s father Tony says she is simply manipulating people to get out of prison earlier.

“All of it is to manipulate to reduce her sentence. It’s all about her,” he said outside the court.

Mr Castel said the couple’s son, who was four when his father died, would take years to get over the trauma.

He would be an “orphan” in foster care if it wasn’t for family.

“I can’t bring Jarred back … but I’ve got to try and protect the son because he’s scared of her,” he said.

Crown prosecutor Dzenita Balic says Castel’s actions were described by the trial court judge as deliberate and dangerous.

“She was not provoked .. was not acting in self-defence and … was not the victim of domestic violence,” Ms Balic said.

In sentencing Castel last year, the judge said a letter written by Castel showed she failed to comprehend the hurt she had caused.

“The letter, to me, has … inappropriate details about concerns for your own plight and inappropriately expresses tones of religious superiority about being in some sort of state of grace,” Justice Jean Dalton said.

The appeal court decision has been reserved.