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NEW DELHI: Extreme anxiety amid the covid-19 pandemic has left over 50% people feeling depressed, a government study said.

Fears around coronavirus and the lockdown, and a sense of helplessness have made people anxious, the survey that covered 500 people found. The research was conducted by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Project Community Medicine, Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, Safdarjung hospital and Ministry of AYUSH.

“There is no doubt that people are experiencing extreme anxiety owing to covid-19 pandemic due to fear of contracting the virus and seeing so many people dying every second. This fear is further aggravated due to significant changes to our daily lives during the lockdown,” the study said.

Coronavirus has brought enormous uncertainty among young people, especially those preparing for exams, hoping to start university and job seekers, and daily wagers, it added.

The research, also published in the special issue on SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) of Epidemiology International journal, concluded that depression is high among people and it was significantly more in illiterate, unskilled and skilled workers and those who belong to lower socioeconomic groups.

“During the nationwide complete shutdown in India, an online survey to assess the feeling of depression was conducted. The proportion of respondents feeling depressed was 28%. By using Patient Health Questionnaire, the proportion of respondents with depression was found to be 51.6% including mild depression,” said Jugal Kishore, professor and head, department of community medicine, Safdarjung Hospital.

Feeling depressed during the covid-19 pandemic is prevalent and should be addressed through mental health program at the community level, he said.

“Preliminary evidence suggests that symptoms of anxiety and depression (16-28%) and self-reported stress (8%) are common psychological reactions to the covid-19 pandemic, and may be associated with disturbed sleep,” the study said.

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