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The nice thing about this regional property series is that the presenters offer an alternate experience of house hunting to that usually provided by real estate agents. Tonight, it’s the turn of celebrity carpenter, Dean Ipaviz, to assist a gay couple which, having made the most of their Newtown apartment for the past 25 years, now yearn for more space and a slower pace. The affordable properties they see in NSW’s McLeay Valley underwhelm – until the mystery house is revealed.




Triple episode series return ★★★½

9.20pm, SBS Viceland

Back for a third season, the fast-taking, straight-shooting residents of this tiny, freezing Canadian town waste no time in getting back down to the things that consume them – sledding, fighting, and ice hockey. The opening scene is a masterful display of extreme alliteration. An ensuing sketch about sushi and sashimi, riffing off the local habit of adding the letter “S” where it shouldn’t go, draws on elements of Monty Python, Seinfeld and The Two Ronnies.

Romper Stomper

Romper StomperCredit:




From Romper Stomper (pictured) and Muriel’s Wedding, to Three Dollars and Samson and Delilah, there is an absolute smorgasbord of fine Australian films available for the picking or the feasting on the ABC’s online channel from now until September. The list itself is a glorious reminder of the wealth of cinema this country has produced in a comparatively short amount of time. Other highlights include Careful, He Might Hear You, Lantana, Dogs in Space and Somersault.

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