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When someone’s death makes headlines around the world, it can become – by default – the last thing people remember about them. But actor Jane Badler is determined to carve out a different legacy for her youngest child, Harry Hains, who died in January at the age of 27.

“I don’t want this to be a sensational story about a woman who lost her son to addiction,” says Badler, best known for her lead roles in the US science fiction series V and the Australian soap Neighbours. “I want something joyous that celebrates Harry’s life. This isn’t minimising the gravitas of the situation; it’s honouring it.”

'Harry was a visionary and we feel a responsibility to get his art out into the world,' says his mother, Jane Badler.

‘Harry was a visionary and we feel a responsibility to get his art out into the world,’ says his mother, Jane Badler.Credit:Simon Schluter

Last month, Hains’ new single Good Enough was released on major streaming platforms under the name of Antiboy, the first track from his forthcoming debut album A Glitch In Paradise. A second album and a mini-documentary about Hains is also in the works, and Badler is keen to develop a TV series and a film that he wrote.

“He was fearless to a fault,” says Badler, who was raised in the United States but moved to Melbourne after meeting her now-husband, Australian businessman Stephen Hains, in 1990. “He had no fear of anything including death, but that fearlessness made people enamoured of him. He was fearless in the way he dressed because he was the walking expression of his art.”