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Sarah and best friend Isabella (Shelley Conn) were about to turn the old shop into a bakery. Sarah’s daughter Clarissa (Shannon Tarbet) and Sarah’s estranged mother Mimi (Celia Imrie) deliver the boldness: let’s muck in and do the bakery idea, as Sarah would have wanted.

Clarissa is a frustrated dancer, Mimi is a stubborn retired trapeze artist (for no reason that I could divine) but she has dough. And this bakery needs dough of both kinds, plus a chef. Rupert Penry-Jones wafts in from the past to take on the baking, the thinking woman’s crumpet. He and Sarah were once lovers.

Jake Brunger’s script has all the elements but Eliza Schroeder sugarcoats everything, not just the cakes. You only get one debut feature, which is why it should be as brave as you can make it. This one is polite, warm, pleasantly comical, gusting sentimental.

It’s like the neighbourhood of the shop – a bit smart, a bit comfortable, insufferably self-satisfied. Schroeder makes commercials for a living, specialising in luxury products. Love Sarah is a well-cast treacle pudding, with virtually no risks taken. If only a punk band had moved in next door.