Galea, 34, is standing trial over alleged terror plots against Melbourne anarchist and socialist groups between August 2015 and 2016. (AAP Image/James Ross) NO ARCHIVING

A man found guilty of preparing a terror attack in Melbourne and creating a handbook for wannabe attackers yelled “you weren’t given all the facts” to the jury after the verdict was delivered.

Phillip Galea was found guilty of planning and preparing a terror attack, after he spoke to an associate about targeting a left-wing rally with chemical bombs.

He had also looked up the addresses of the union movement’s Trades Hall headquarters, the Melbourne Resistance Centre and the city’s anarchist club.

Galea was also found guilty of creating a document called the “Patriot’s Cookbook”, described as a terrorist how-to-guide by prosecutors.

“You weren’t given all the facts,” the convicted terror plotter called out as the jury members were being taken from the courtroom today.

Galea – who was associated with the far-right group Reclaim Australia – insisted the first version of the guide was meant to be a Monty Python-esque satire.

He was arrested in August 2016 at his Melbourne home.

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Arson and explosives experts raided Galea’s home in November 2015 and seized five cattle prods and 362.1 grams of mercury.

Computer equipment was also seized, and it’s alleged Galea researched homemade bombs, ballistic armour and guns.

Galea described himself as a self-taught electrical engineer who was using the mercury to replicate an engine originally created by 19th century English scientist Michael Faraday.

A Victorian Supreme Court jury began their deliberations on Monday afternoon and returned the guilty verdicts today.